AMI – Advanced Meters

In 2020 the Sikeston Board of Municipal Utilities will convert all electric and water meters to Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI), which will help provide better service and improve reliability to our customers.

Here are some of the ways AMI will benefit you!

  • AMI will make it possible for BMU to offer more services to our customers, including giving customers the ability to easily manage and control their energy and water use via our online portal.
  • With AMI we can collect meter information more consistently, avoiding misreads and estimates avoiding fluctuations in the number of days per billing period.
  • Customer can get alerts for high usage, outages and water leak detection.
  • The additional usage data provided by AMI will help resolve billing concerns more effectively.
  • BMU will be able to use meter data to operate the electric distribution system more efficiently.

If you have questions about BMU’s use of advanced metering, click through

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An AMI meter provides wireless communication capabilities between your electric meter and water meter and the BMU. Hourly kilowatt and gallon usage reports are transmitted from the meter back to us 4-6 times daily.

AMI will improve service, increase reliability and help keep power affordable for BMU customers. For example, the meters will automatically notify BMU and YOU if your power goes out or there is high water usage. These new meters will also help us resolve outages more quickly, since we know exactly which customers are affected. Automated meter reading means fewer misreads and estimated bills for our customers. And, AMI will help BMU manage its power distribution system more efficiently, helping contain costs in the future.

Utilities across the nation have been installing automated meters for years. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA), in 2014, U.S. electric utilities had about 58.5 million automated meters in place. Automated meters are also common in our area. Several neighboring utilities, including Ameren and SEMO Electric have already made the move to automated meters.

The new AMI meters are automated electronic communication devices while the old meters were either digital or electro-mechanical devices with no communication capability. The new meters will continue to display the meter reading, but it will be in a digital LCD format.

The new AMI electric meter records an electronic kWh reading, the date and time of energy usage and the overall peak demand of the electric account. This meter will also record any reverse power flow and the number of times the meter experiences a loss of power for any reason. In fact, the meter will record the date and time of light blinks and the length of the power outage.

The new AMI water meter records hourly water usage and the date and time of that usage. If the data reported by the meter shows that there is continuous water flow through your meter for an extended period of time, the AMI software will notify us (and you if you sign up for notifications) that there is a potential water leak. 

Existing meters throughout Sikeston are reaching the end of their operational life.  This meter upgrade provides numerous benefits for BMU customers and will help us manage our distribution system more efficiently. The meters also serve as a foundation for future enhancements, including a customer portal where you can access information about your daily electricity and water use and possibly a pre-pay program.

Automated meters will:

Report and pinpoint the exact location of outages more quickly, meaning faster more efficient outage response time.

Detect possible leaks when the system alerts us and you of high water consumption.

Improve billing accuracy, eliminating misreads or inaccurate readings.

Effectively troubleshoot billing questions by providing information about individual power consumption patterns, outage and blink count history and voltage information.

After a small group of test meters are installed and monitored for a few months, we will begin installing meters throughout Sikeston. Most of the large commercial and industrial customers’ meters will be installed first, followed by residential and small commercial customers’ meters. We plan to have every electric and water meter in Sikeston converted by the end of 2020. When we’re ready to install new meters in your neighborhood, you will receive a notice from us prior to the planned installation and when our contractor arrives at your house, they will knock on your door to let you know they are about to start. If you’re not home, they will finish the installation.

BMU has hired two contractors to change all of the meters. A technician from Anixter will install your electric meter and a technician from MB Construction will change your water meter. In some cases, a BMU employee will accompany the technician. All technicians from Anixter, MB Construction, or BMU will be uniformed or carry a badge and identify themselves as a BMU employee or contractor.

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