Bill & Payment Info

1. Usage information - This section shows current and previous readings for metered services, reading dates, any applicable meter multipliers, and usage. Electricity is measured in kwh, water in gallons.

2. Billing Summary - This section summarizes the charges for the various services, including electric, water, sanitary sewer, solid waste, rental lights, etc.

3. Amount Due - A 5% late charge penalty is added to the electric charges on bills that are paid after the 20th of the month. Pay the Net Amount before the 20th, the Gross amount after the 20th.

4. Meter Numbers - Shows the electric and water meter numbers billed on this account. Multiple meter settings for the same address will be billed on separate accounts.


Payment Locations
Payments can be made by coming into our office at 107 E. Malone Ave. or by using our drive-in window located on the east side of the building. After hours payments may be made at our drop box located adjacent to our drive-in window.

Methods of Payment
To avoid waiting in lines, customers may pay their bills by mail, or click the "Pay Your Bill Online" link at the top of this page. If paying by mail, please return the payment stub with your check or money order. To insure your account is properly credited, include your customer number on your check or money order.

Payment Options
Budget Billing allows customers to pay their utility bills in equal monthly installments. An average of the past twelve month’s billing is used to calculate the monthly payment. A customer must have received service continuously at his/her present premises for at least twelve months prior to becoming eligible for budget billing.

A customer may choose to have his/her utility bill paid by automatic bank withdrawal. A customer must complete a simple application to begin this form of payment. The withdrawal will be initiated on the first day of the month. BMU will mail the customer’s payment stub to him/her.


If a double payment is accidentally made BMU will refund the amount of the second payment.