Over the last few years, the BMU has completed several projects in our continuous effort to upgrade the Sikeston electric distribution system to provide reliable service to our customers.  Our substations have high voltage (69,000 volts) transmission lines to provide two separate transmission lines into each station and new high speed digital relays and communication links to prevent the loss of power to a substation if one of the transmission lines i damaged for any reason.  We also are replacing old, slow circuit breaker with new, high speed breakers to minimize outages due to breaker failures.  Our medium voltage (13,800 volts) distribution system has been upgraded in several areas of the City to again improve reliability and electric load carrying capacity.  The system is also being upgraded by the replacement of old manual switches with new automated switches that can be controlled by computer. 

In 1999 BMU constructed a 33-mile fiber optic communications backbone throughout Sikeston.  This fiber backbone along with the OC48 SONET transport network gives BMU the ability to connect, monitor and communicate with all components of the electric, water and sewer systems.  This connectivity give BMU the means to automate operations of electric substations, improve service reliability and reduce operational and maintenance costs.  The fiber system also allows Sikeston to link all BMU facilities, City Hall and all department of Public Safety facilities on a high-speed, wide -area communications network. 


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