To: BMU Customers of Sikeston, Missouri

The Board of Municipal Utilities, (BMU) has received questions, concerns and rumors that we are installing Automated Meter Infrastructure/Reading (AMI/AMR) meters (so called "smart meters") in Sikeston. These rumors are completely FALSE.
The meters we are installing are not AMI/AMR meters and lack both the hardware and software to function as an AMI/AMR system.

In the past several years, BMU has been replacing the old mechanical electric meters because parts for these old meters can no longer be obtained and all new meters are digital. Some of the confusion comes from the manufacturer of the new
meters, Itron. They also make AMI/AMR meters and the face looks the same, but what BMU purchases from them do not have the capability of smart metering. We hope this clears up any misunderstanding, and as we update our electric infrastructure, please be cordial to our staff.

Rick Landers
General Manager

Sikeston BMU
107 E. Malone, PO Box 370 Sikeston, MO 63801
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