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A link to our printable residential and non-residential service applications are provided below.  Once you have the application completed bring it to the BMU office located at 107 East Malone Avenue to apply for utility services.

Application For Service:

All utility rates will be established by the Board of Municipal Utilities and approved by the City Council.

Customers shall apply for utility service at the office of the BMU at 107 East Malone Avenue by submitting their name and address and making service deposits, if applicable.  All applications for service shall be signed in the true name of the customer actually to receive service and provide a drivers license.  When a married couple requests service, the BMU shall require both husband and wife to complete and sign the service application.

Any customer requesting utility service(s) in their name shall pay the appropriate connect fees before such request is completed.  Landlords who have the utility services remain on in their name between tenants shall be exempt from the connect fees, provided they have on file with the Utility a standing order requesting the Utility to automatically place the utilities in their name when their rental property becomes vacant.  However, such landlords will be subject to the connect fees if they have the utility services disconnected out of their name anytime between tenants.

All bills shall be due and payable when mailed and shall become delinquent ten (10) days after such date.  If any bill rendered by the BMU is not paid within twenty (20) days after the date thereof, the BMU may discontinue service to such customer.  When service is disconnected due to nonpayment, the total amount of the outstanding bill plus applicable reconnect charges shall be paid before service is restored.  Any restoration of service made after hours, on weekends or holidays, shall be assessed a charge adequate to cover BMU incurred expenses.

No customer or former customer will be supplied any utility service that has on record any amount due to BMU unless first paying the old balance in full along with necessary deposits.

A monthly statement for utility service shall be furnished each customer, each statement shall indicate the amount due for services as determined by meter readings and other charges which apply.

The BMU reserves the right to estimate the monthly statement of any customer if unable to read the meter or meters for any valid reason.

Residential Deposits:

The amount of the deposit shall be as follows: 

ELECTRIC ONLY or WATER ONLY accounts the deposit will be set at $120.

 FULL UTILITY SERVICE accounts deposit with qualifying credit will be set at $200.

FULL UTILITY SERVICE accounts deposit with unqualified credit will be set at $300.                                                        

Commercial Deposits:

The BMU may at any time, as a condition to furnishing or continuing service, require a commercial or industrial customer to maintain a deposit with the Utility. 

The amount of deposit shall be equal to two times the average monthly bill.

 i.     If the type of business and/or other factors make comparison between a former customer's usage and expected usage of the new customer unreasonable, the deposit requirements may be reviewed to reflect anticipated usage. 

 ii.     If there is no prior history data available, the BMU shall estimate the amount of the monthly bill based on the load and usage data provided the Utility by the customer.

Deposits may be in the form of cash, surety bond, or irrevocable letter of credit from a bank satisfactory to the Utility.  Deposits shall be held by the Utility for  a minimum of five(5) years.  Cash deposits shall not bear interest.                            

Termination of Service:

Whenever a customer orders their services disconnected or otherwise ceases to be a customer, all amounts owed the BMU shall immediately become due.

To have services disconnected, the customer needs to sign a disconnect order.  If said customer is unable to request the disconnect in person, a written notification shall be acceptable.  Upon payment of all amounts owed, the customer's service deposits shall be returned to them.  If a customer fails to notify BMU of their desire to terminate services they shall be held legally responsible for any utility service registered on the meters which are located on the premises and recorded in their name.  The customer's service deposits may be applied to their account for amount owed to the BMU. 

Service Application - RESIDENTIAL
Service Application - NON-RESIDENTIAL

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