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Sikeston BMU’s Power Supply Planning Update

In June 2023 the Sikeston Board of Municipal Utilities (SBMU) began reviewing our community’s future energy needs and the best way to meet those needs.  The power supply process (PSP) we are using will help us understand our options and which option will be best able to provide rate stability, energy reliability, the ability to serve current and future electric loads, technology options that benefit our customers, as well as maintaining SBMU’s ability to continue to provide benefits for our community through our supply of power. 

The Power Supply Planning (PSP) study kicked off with a public open house event on June 14, 2023, the public came to learn more about the challenges and opportunities SBMU is confronting as it evaluates the best ways to meet the community’s energy needs going forward. At each open house information regarding these opportunities and challenges and the power planning process we are using to evaluate these issues will be presented and the public can ask questions.

We will be updating this news article as we receive new information and details as our study progresses. Please review the PDF’s below for full details of each step of our power supply plan.