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You can submit your back flow test by emailing it to

Here is a list of Certified Backflow Installers / Testers.

  • Evergreen Lawn Irrigation
    Contact: Nathan Beck
    Phone: (573) 620-0845
  • Rainwater Landscaping & Irrigation
    Contact: Todd Murphy – (573) 931-3020
    Jacob Murphy – (573) 838-8178
  • Hi-Tech Communications
    Phone: (573) 471-8716
  • O’Guin Mechanical Services (OMS)
    Taylor O’Guin

  • A-1 Backflow Specialist
    573-429-6175 or 573-429-3461

  • D&C Backflow

  • Hi-Tech Fire Protection

  • Daniel’s Mowing & More

  • Walter's Backflow Testing - Ben Walters

View the City of Sikeston's trash pickup map to find your service address and dates of pickup. The City has contracted with a collector service for the collection and disposition of all residential and/or commercial solid waste within the City Sikeston and the monthly charge is established by the City Council .  If you have any questions regarding Sikeston's trash or recycling services contact the Sikeston City Hall at 573-471-2511. To see full details of the City Code pertaining to Solid Waste click here.

If you're considering installing solar, start by visiting the Solar/Renewables page on our website, where you can find our net metering/solar application packet

An AMI meter provides wireless communication from your electric and water meters to BMU. Hourly kilowatts and gallons used are transmitted from the meter back to BMU 4-6 times daily. This communication helps to improve service, reliability and helps to keep customer costs down. 

The AMI electric meters record and report hourly energy usage (kWh), the date and time of the energy usage and the overall peak demand on your account.

The AMI water meter records and reports hourly water usage, the date and time of that usage.  If this reported data shows a continuous water flow through your meter over a 25-hour period, the software will notify us of a potential water leak.

The Trustee is the St. Louis office of The Bank of New York. Call the bank at 1-800-254-2826 for instructions.

Budget Billing allows customers to pay their utility bill in equal monthly installments. An Average of the past twelve months' billing is used to calculate the monthly payment. A customer must have received service continuously at his/her present address for at least twelve months and have a good payment history with BMU to be eligible for Budget Billing. Click Here To Sign Up

In the current environment, all coal plants face uncertainties.  We are fortunate the bonds for the initial plant construction were paid in full in 2022, meaning we no longer have to satisfy the debt requirements.  This allows us the flexibility to explore more options for sustaining the operation of the power plant.  Sikeston BMU will continue to operate utilities for Sikeston residents and businesses.  We are community driven, community owned, and we will remain that way. Read more about our ongoing Sikeston Power Supply Study focusing on our community’s future energy needs and supply options here.

Our e-mail address is , our mailing address is P.O. Box 370, Sikeston, MO  63801.  Our telephone number is 573-471-3328 or come see us at 107 East Malone Avenue weekdays from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.  Our fax number is 573-471-7288

107 E. Malone Avenue, At the corner of Malone Avenue and New Madrid St.

Yes. There are cashiers inside and a drive-through window ready to receive your payments between the hours of 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Monday – Friday.  You can also leave payments in our night deposit box located next to our drive in window, call (844) 952-2398 to pay over the phone or make your payment online through our SmartHub payment portal.

Yes.  Payments can be made anytime on our SmartHub App or SmartHub web pay portal.  You can also use our PayNOW option without registering, you will need your account number and last name/business name. We also have a night deposit box located at our drive-in window for after hours payments, please include your account number and only pay with check or money order, no cash payments should be left in the night drop box.

No. To establish service, a photo id is required, we must have a completed service application and we will need a copy of your current lease agreement (less than 30 days old) or purchase documents. You can sign up for new service online on our SmartHub payment portal here or you can complete the service application then email the application, id(s) and lease or purchase documents to .

No. A photo id is required and we must have a written request including date of service termination and a signature to disconnect services.
You can however, disconnect services, by emailing us your request for service termination stating the date of termination with the following items attached:

1)  A copy of the photo ID of all persons on the account
2)  A forwarding address to send your final bill

If you have had service with another utility for over one year and a good payment history you may get a credit letter from that utility and avoid paying a deposit. Otherwise, a deposit will be required. Deposit amounts are based on the services being established and the customers credit worthiness. 

Residential Deposits:
The amount of the deposit shall be as follows: 
ELECTRIC ONLY or WATER ONLY accounts the deposit will be set at $120.
FULL UTILITY SERVICE accounts deposit with qualifying credit will be set at $200.
FULL UTILITY SERVICE accounts deposit with unqualified credit will be set at $300.                                                        
Commercial/Non-Residential Deposits:
The BMU may at any time, as a condition to furnishing or continuing service, require a commercial or industrial customer to maintain a deposit with the Utility.  The amount of deposit shall be equal to two times the average monthly bill. 

You can email your request for an payment extension or call 573-471-3328 and one of our BMU customer service team members will be happy to assist you.

Definitely!!! You can request a locate online or you can call Dig Rite at 1-800-344-7483. Dig Rite will come to your address and locate all the utilities crossing your property. The service is FREE.

Yes. Signup for automatic payments by using our BMU SmartHub App or SmartHub Online payment system. Register for SmartHub or Log In to your SmartHub. Call or stop by our office to talk with one of our Customer Service Representatives if you have any questions.

First, check the main breaker in your house.  If no issues are found please call us at 573-471-3328 and follow the automated prompts to report your outage.

The Sikeston BMU electric system is connected to the national power grid. Sikeston BMU's connection to this grid provides the city with a constant link to purchase power when our Sikeston Power Plant is off line.

Two reasons. First, trees grow very fast so, we trim a substantial amount in order to keep a necessary safe area around the power lines for a reasonable amount of time. Second, we trim a sufficient area around the lines so that limbs are not blown into power lines during periods of high winds or thunderstorms. This practice helps to keep your home from losing power due to downed lines.

Rusty water is normally caused by a sudden disturbance in the water main. Sudden temperature changes or firefighters opening a fire hydrant can create this type of disturbance. When these disturbances occur, iron and manganese deposits often break loose and cause a discoloration or rusty appearance in the water. If you experience rusty water, first turn on your outside faucets and run them for several minutes. Do not run water through your sink facets to clear your water as the deposits can clog the screens on your fixtures, you can use your bath tub faucet but be sure to use COLD WATER ONLY so the discolored water doesn't get into your hot water heater. If the water does not clear up call us at 471-3328 and BMU crews will flush the lines if necessary.

There can be many possible causes for power outages. The most common causes are weather and wildlife.  Inclement weather can cause high winds which blow tree limbs into the power lines, causing service interruptions.  In addition, heavy rains soften the ground and increase the risk from trees.  Wildlife, such as squirrels, birds, snakes, opossums, and raccoons also get into home service lines, transformers, and other distribution system equipment and cause service interruptions.  In less common occurrences, power may be out because of a truck contacting a telecommunications line on a utility pole and physically pulling the pole down or utility equipment failures. Periodic maintenance does sometimes require us to incur planned power outages for the safety our BMU crews.